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The model of the Lister came about though a posting to one of the Yahoo e-groups I belong to titled "Listers". Turned out the poster was addressing fellow group members. The main manufacturing enterprise in Dursley, the town I grew up in in Gloucestershire, was a company called R.A Listers. One thing led to another and I discovered that Listers made some railtrucks. Eventually I gathered a lot of information through the web and my model is based on some of this.
As per usual click on an image to see a larger version and some comment.
3 real 1:1 Listers
The basic parts
Early days. Waiting for the paint
Raw overhead view
Painted side view
Painted 3/4 rear L
Painted 3/4 rear R
Side high
Len on the Lister
Len on the Lister 2