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There are a number of ways you can paint figures, and the model press is full of articles about this, but there are not too many that I have come across that start off by looking at images of real people! If you look critically at people I think you will be surprised to find just how many shadows they have on them and how dark they can be.
Yellow lady
3 proto figures
Take a good look at the figures in the central image. Note, for example, the faint but definite dark line along the edge of the arm hole in the yellow T-shirt, and the dark linear shadow along the lower edge of the striped T-shirt. The folds in the clothes are also quite dark. The outer figures are examples of my technique. They, hopefully, prove that my method does produce figures that look like real people in a photograph.
Nearly all the images that appear on a main page, such as this one, have a link to a larger version that has some added written information. These pages should link to each other so you can work your way through them. Some of the few exceptions are the three images above!
To try and explain how shadows work I decided there are two types. There are Type A, or edge shadows, and Type B, or fold shadows. These are shown below.
Fayle'sshadow types - small
The really important shadow, the one that plays the key part in making a figure look realistic, is the Type A, or edge shadow. Below I have shown why dry brushing works. The vertical edge does not get painted as the brush, laden with thickish paint, is drawn over the object from right to left in this case. The Painting section goes through the steps.
Vertical edge - small
Below are two photos where the A and B shadows have been labelled so you know what I am talking about. Click on these to get more information.
Type A shadows on figuresType B shadows on figures
How it all began -Les Scanlon's figures.
Again click on the image to get more information.
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